The craftsmanship of terracotta is founded in the Middle Ages, when in the area of ​​Impruneta, in the Florentine, flourishing was the processing of unique artifacts in which the unparalleled quality of the raw material and the skill in working it of master craftsmen were confused. Terracotta still today represents one of the symbols of the Tuscan tradition and thanks to its resistance, its anti-freeze nature, its durability, its shining aesthetics stands as one of the most used materials for furnishing both outdoor and indoor environments . The unmistakable reddish color of the Tuscan terracotta manages to create a unique atmosphere, to create a game of reflections and colors in the gardens to be left open-mouthed. We offer a selection of hand-made articles with Tuscan clay following the procedures and the cooking of the old Tuscan traditions.It ranges from smooth round or festooned vases to jars, from bowls to statues, from column finals to coats of arms ... Now it's up to you to decide the articles that best suit your environment: on any item your choice will fall, it will always be the right choice!

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