Como and bedside tables

The chest of drawers and the bedside table are two indispensable pieces of furniture in every bedroom, but not only: alone they are able to give each room a touch of character, personality and originality [...]

Very versatile, the dresser for a long time has been used in the past as 'I can not see', that is to show and hide at the same time: hide linens, equipment, documents but also show photos, objects to which we are attached and to whom we want to give importance. The dresser can also be a practical portaatv, for evenings in absolute relaxation, lying on the bed to enjoy a good movie. Even the nightstand, in its flexibility, finds its ideal placement, its natural functionality in the bedroom, be it double or the bedroom of our children. The bedside table helps us make our relaxation in bed more comfortable, giving us the opportunity to have books, cell phones, clocks, a nice glass of water, as well as a nice table lamp at your fingertips, without having to constantly raise it. our readings, to make the atmosphere around us warmer and more engaging. Our dressers and bedside tables are able to satisfy every style, from industrial to classic, from country to shabby chic. Colorful, lively and cheerful, romantic in a Provencal style, vintage. We offer you dressers and bedside tables of our production, Made in Italy, skilfully handcrafted as per old tradition, but also in paulownia, mindi, mahogany and recycled wood. We have selected items for all needs. Now it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your environment and your personal tastes.

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