The decorative cages that we propose in this section are perfect furnishing accessories able to furnish any home environment with originality and shabby elegance [...]

Very ductile, with simple lines or worked as well as for their natural use, they are perfect as romantic flowers holders or candle holders, or even, in the case of small cages, an original center table. Our offer consists of iron cages in Provençal style, in sets or singles, to support or to hang. We also offer you two original and impressive wooden cages, meticulously crafted that will embellish the environments in which they will be placed.


Set of three iron support cages in white antique finish

€360.00 | €180.00
Set of three cages, diameter 25 cm, height 50 cm the largest cage, diameter 19 cm, height 40 cm the medium cage, and diameter 14 cm, height 32 cm the smallest cage, made of iron. Extremely versatile, they can also be used as a candle holder or planter and decorate any room with simple elegance. All measurements refer to the maximum size of the article
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