Originally, the bookcases were large pieces of furniture in which the manuscript books were stored in order to protect them from external agents. Often they were bookcases covered with fine fabric and the shelves were made in such a way as to accommodate the large volumes of the personal collections. The bookcase, more than any other piece of furniture in the house, defines our being, the expression of our life, reveals our interests and our position towards the world. On the bookcase we put our most beautiful memories enclosed in a framed picture, the many souvenirs that we bring along from our most beautiful trips, our favorite CDs and DVDs ... And always on the bookstore find their natural collocation our dear beloved books: sport , politics, literature, history, science fiction, wonders of nature, dictionaries, .. Each of them talks about us, each of them represents our visiting card for our guests. The bookcases that we have chosen to include in our catalog can be combined with any style, be it modern, country, shabby chic, industrial. We offer bookcases with or without glass, with drawers, with closed, sliding or open doors. There is a vast selection of bookcases of our production, Made in Italy, carefully crafted to give you always the best quality / price ratio, leaving you speechless.

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