Corner Cupboards

The corner is a piece of furniture, as the word itself says, of angular shape, whose natural positioning is a corner of the room [...]

There are all types: with glass doors, with open shelves, with closed doors. Because of this particular shape, the corner cupboard is an excellent furnishing element able to organize the space of any room and make it possible to exploit every millimeter of the house with elegance and functionality. The corner cabinet is the right piece of furniture for those with small rooms, attics or simply for those who want to fill an empty corner of the house. Very ductile, it can be used, if glazed, to expose our memories in the form of photos, of objects to which we are particularly fond of, the crystal glasses; or as a practical and convenient pantry for those with closed doors; or again to store detergents, bath foam, shampoo, perfume if placed in the bathroom; as a planter for the elegantly worked metal ones. In the selection that we propose, they are distinguished by their rusticity, elegance, solidity and durability over time the corners made in Italy of our production, carefully hand-crafted as tradition. We offer white pickled for those in love with shabby chic, for romantics who like shabby style; walnut or natural for lovers of rustic, country style, which bring us back to the old furniture of old-fashioned country houses.

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