The showcase is a versatile piece of furniture, suitable for functional and versatile use in any environment [...]

They are ideal for tidying up and showing off the objects we care about most, wedding favors, crystal glasses, liquor bottles .... The windows we suggest are also suitable as an alternative to the classic sideboards and larders: with the drawers and shelves closed with doors, you can store dishes, trays, tureens, table linen, biscuits boxes and so on ... But with their ductility, they are also suitable to protect from dust but still clearly highlight our favorite books. In this section, we wanted to include showcases for every taste. Provencal style windows, with heart decorations, country style, shabby chic, industrial. Display cabinets in paulownia wood, in recycled solid wood or solid wood. There are small, large windows, with drawers, with sliding doors, with shelves with glass doors or closed doors. Obviously there is no shortage, in order to always offer the best quality / price ratio, the windows we produce, the windows Made in Italy carefully produced with craftsmanship according to the canons of the old workers of the past, with the care of the smallest details such as the drawers made with dovetail joints and wooden knobs. Impress everyone with our windows, able to give a touch of personality and elegance to your every environment.


Recycled solid wood showcase with antique finish

€7,620.00 | €3,810.00
Bedside table made of reclaimed solid wood, dimensions 114 cm wide, 42 cm deep, 183 cm high. Hand-painted with natural varnishes, the many shades make each piece of furniture unique. Solid and functional, it is ideal for lovers of antique furniture and wood.All measurements refer to the maximum overall dimensions of the article.