The wooden tables that we offer in this section are mostly Made in Italy tables of our production, made of solid wood through a meticulous, meticulous craftsmanship to emphasize the table itself and take care of all the smallest details with meticulous care [...]

Fixed, extendable to book or pull, rectangular or square, our tables with rustic elegance, solidity and stability, are able to meet all the needs in terms of style: they can be safely placed in shabby chic, country, Provencal, classic, industrial or contemporary. Irreplaceable and inevitable furniture in every home, fundamental for everyday life, our solid wood tables are able to make anyone fall in love, they represent living furniture, to be appreciated not only visually but also with the heart. After all, if we think about it, the table can be rightly seen as the real heart of the kitchen rather than the dining room, that furniture around which the family or friends often gather to pass moments of convivial joy . If you have a spacious kitchen, you can direct yourself to the fixed tables, whether they are rectangular or square, with or without drawer. Otherwise, if you have little space, the best solution is certainly represented by the extendable tables, whether they are square (with extension to folding, to book) or rectangular (with the classic extensions to pull). For the dining room and the living room, we suggest instead our majestic tables extendable or not that beyond sure visual impact, filling with functional elegance the room, will conquer your guests with their rusticity and unique beauty. Buying a table of our production is like making a long-term investment. The solidity, solidity and quality of the solid wood with which they are produced, in fact, unites all the knowledge of our craftsmen capable of transmitting all their experience and ability in the product itself. Once you have purchased a table of our production, the question you will immediately ask is: "But how did I do without it until today?!?"

Our Production

Extendable solid lime wood table Country walnut finish Made in Italy

€3,100.00 | €1,550.00
Extendable rectangular table made entirely of solid lime wood with two practical extensions of 55 cm each that allow it to be extended to 215 or 270 cm. All the charm of the Country style is enclosed in this table thanks to the classic shapes, the result of a scrupulous Made in Italy craftsmanship. Measurements: length 160 cm depth 90 cm height 80 cm....