The reclosable container pouf that Biscottini offers you as well as being a solid and comfortable seat, are also useful, functional, very capacious and practical organizers of spaces [...]

With a simple gesture, in a few moments, you can mount or disassemble the pouf, folding it on itself. The range offered is very wide. The measures offered are five: two cubic and three parallelepipeds, two vertical and one horizontal. The subjects are many and range from monocolour to owls, from cities to animals, from flags to phrases of love, .... All are made of soft and durable faux leather. In any environment they are placed, show off their functional elegance, completing any furniture. Impossible to do without it. Enough mess, enough lack of space, enough uncomfortable sessions ... With just one article, you can put an end to many small everyday problems and give liveliness and color to your rooms.