Hand paintings oil on canvas with frame

To give personality, elegance and character to a room, there is nothing better than a beautiful painting hand painted oil on canvas [...]

A painting is capable of creating always different sensations, giving a minimal or lively sense. Often, a framed picture is able to fill the room, to give a sense and a connotation to any wall. You can choose to decorate your walls with landscape paintings: every time you look at them, you will feel as if you are looking out of the window to admire an ever-changing panorama. Or choose the classic subjects from the round lines of Botero, or those with a subtle sensual and precious line of the subjects of Klimt, or the self-portraits and fields of sunflowers by the Dutch Van Gogh. There are also, in our selection, the classic still lifes or religious subjects, both always very fashionable, timeless. Many of the subjects presented, are proposed in various sizes, just to ensure you find the subject you prefer the most suitable for your needs. All our paintings, hand painted oil on canvas, are framed in an elegant wooden frame finished in gold or silver leaf. Just look at our selection and you'll fall in love with it!