The sideboard is a piece of furniture already present in the Middle Ages, when it was similar to a low table placed in the immediate vicinity of the tables of the richest as a point of support for food for pre-tasting, before being served by the 'creditor', the order to prevent poisonings against the lords [...]

Of Italian origin, from the beginning it had an important influence also in English and French furnishings. The sideboard is also called buffet, a term used to refer to a lower sideboard and a top part represented by a raised riser with exposed shelves or closed with glass. The buffet was mainly adopted by the middle and lower middle class as a piece of furniture for the dining room. Today, however, the belief not only has a functional character: it can be inserted into any interior design project, giving character and elegance to any environment. We offer you a wide range, in solid wood and recycled wood, with sliding doors, with original and nice shutters doors, with drawers, with glass. Very solid, elegant and long-lasting beliefs and sideboards Made in Italy of our production, made with the utmost attention to detail with a scrupulous craftsmanship. It will be impossible not to fall in love with our beliefs, you know your taste towards the Country, the Shabby Chic, the Industrial ...

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