Wall cabinets and display cabinets

Among the furniture and furnishing accessories that absolutely can not miss in a house, surely a prominent place have showcases, wall units and shelves [...]

They are all small pieces of furniture to hang on the wall that not only complete with style and character each wall they are placed in, they are very useful for displaying your objects and ornaments, decorated plates or placing small books, DVDs and CDs in plain sight. We propose, in our selection, small bulletin boards with or without glass, shaped or simple lines, various types of platforms, the classics attacks copper of a time in which to expose your copper utensils, simple or carved shelves, but always and in any case of unparalleled elegance. We offer display cabinets and shabby, baroque, classic or country style shelves .; finished in gold leaf, antique white, walnut, in natural finish. All the proposed items are of our production whose quality and solidity is guaranteed by an accurate and meticulous Made in Italy processing. Your walls are waiting for their hanging, do not linger longer!

Our Production
Piattaia Country in legno massello di tiglio finitura noce 84x12x68 cm Piattaia Country in legno massello di tiglio finitura noce 84x12x68 cm 2
Wall cabinets and display cabinets

Country-style solid lime wood, walnut finish W84xDP12xH68 cm sized...

Platform with dimensions L84xPR12xH68 cm completely made of solid lime wood. The expert Made in Italy craftsmanship guarantees its solidity and durability over time.Biscottini proposes this wall unit in Country style for home furnishing. The plate rack is perfect for furnishing your home with functionality. Not only kitchen furniture, living room and...
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