Have you ever heard that "the eyes are the mirror of the soul"? Well: so why not look at your home in a different way, giving it the emotion of a game of reflexes and refinement, with a fixed look on functionality? Just a mirror placed in the right place and in a moment you are able to change not only the light of the environment but also the perception of the depth, of the greatness of that environment. Always a protagonist in legends and fairy tales, the mirror has always helped adults and children to stimulate their imagination. Narcissus or Snow White that you feel, you can never do without a mirror. Those that we propose in this selection, are entirely made of wood, through a meticulous and skilful craftsmanship Made in Italy, able to ensure elegance, durability and practicality. Let yourself be conquered by our mirrors, square, rectangular, oval, round or shaped; white, golden, natural or colored, with simple lines, baroque or finely worked ... There really is something for everyone. Browse through our selection: your mirror is waiting for you!

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