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BISCOTTINI INTERNATIONAL ART TRADING is a young company, founded in 1996 but with over 30 years of experience in the sector, in various forms, companies and experiences. The company is led by the young owner, Giovanni Biscottini, helmsman and creator of the success of his brand and the motto

"Traveling Traveling"
beyond the sky
beyond the earth
beyond the sea..."

which represents the synthesis of his proposals for exclusive items and incomparable charm, presented to offer the best furniture solutions, created to excite and complete the most ambitious projects.

The "BISCOTTINI" brand is very widespread in Italy as it is marketed through various sales channels, which allow for a widespread and important presence on the market. To best optimize its activity, Biscottini International Art Trading relies on a staff of valid and experienced collaborators, always ready and attentive to meet the needs of customers.

Good surfing on our site, happy travel in our extensive collection of articles ... " And that the story may begins ..... "
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