To date, the chandeliers are a complement of refined furniture and able to furnish with a unique elegance and refinement thanks to their ancient charm and their traditional charm. Originally, candlesticks were an indispensable element in every home, they were the only one or one of the few sources of lighting in the rooms. With the passage of time, with the advent of electricity, the chandeliers remained in the houses as a decorative element, but with a timeless and inimitable charm. You can place a candlestick in any room in the house and it will make a good impression. Positioned in the living room or bedroom, it will give the environment an intriguing and romantic atmosphere. Here we offer you a range all Made in Italy, of our production, made and finished by hand by scrupulous Florentine craftsmen. Choose among our proposals the candelabra that best responds to your personality, your taste, your character and you will not be disappointed.

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