Lanterns candlestick

The lanterns and candle holders, in addition to their natural function, represent a romantic and elegant piece of furniture. Candle holders, infuse a feeling of warmth, joy and relaxation whenever they are used. Ideal to mark the walks of a garden, as a centerpiece for a candlelight dinner, on a piece of furniture to give character and refinement to the same, hung to create a special atmosphere for your sweet evenings. Then, inside our lanterns, you will insert a scented candle instead of the usual candles, the atmosphere, the stillness and the serenity that you will create will be unparalleled. We offer you different types: iron, glass and iron, wood and glass, candle holders from the ground, lanterns to support and hang, very nice, very original and colorful fish candle holder able to leave everyone speechless. then free your inventiveness and your taste and choose the lantern that suits you best

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