The gates represent a refined, elegantly functional piece of furniture, the first visual impact that our guest has about our home. In practice it is a bit like our business card ... Besides a purely decorative aspect, however, the gates must know how to give our home protection and security. From rustic or minimal style, without losing their original usefulness, the gates that we present in our selection are entirely Made in Italy, made of solid iron hand forged by expert craftsmen, taking the forms of the ancient and traditional gates. All our gates are not traits, but left to natural. Choose the gate that best suits your needs, choose among the various sizes and styles available and give your home a touch of majestic elegance, making it more secure.

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Full iron gate

Full iron gate entirely hand forged. Untreated, left natural. The design incorporates the forms of the ancient and traditional gates. Made in Italy Size: L410xPR12xH298 cm. The catalog of garden furnishing items, outdoor furnishing ideas, items for garden decorations, interior furnishings to furnish the house and decorate the house, ideas for the home and...
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